August 27, 2015

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Inside the September Issue of Lacrosse Magazine

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A monumental victory for Canada captures our September issue cover, as the Selena Lasota-led team from up north took its first-ever gold at the FIL U19 Women's World Championship in Scotland, edging Team USA in a thrilling finale.

Other articles include a look at the Major League Lacrosse finals in Georgia, the US Lacrosse U15 National Championships and the myriad of changes to come in women's lacrosse after the recent announcement of rules changes for the NCAA level. Add to that the usual cadre of tips, opinion and helpful hints, it adds up to another month's worth of knowledge for the members of US Lacrosse.

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From the Editor: Survival of the Fittest

by Matt DaSilva

How will the new possession clock affect the game of women's lacrosse? Up and down lacrosse may turn things into a survival of the fittest scenario, but there's plenty of players willing to fill rosters for their shot.

Her Space: Social Media Do's and Don'ts

by Kate Hickman

Just about everyone involved in the game is on one or more of the world's wide-reaching social media networks. With that in mind, there are right and wrong way's to do things, both personally and with your interaction with others.

His Space: A Double Blight that Won't Go Away

by Bill Tanton

It's tough for lacrosse fans and supporters, as the general sporting fan tends to remember only the controversial events of lacrosse's recent history over the overwhelming number of fantastic students and leaders playing the game.


Joined at the Knee

They got each other through ACL rehab, then led the Yellow Jackets to the USL U15 Girls' National Championship

by Paul Krome

Instant Reaction

Chemistry can be overrated. FCA selected its players over the summer, but quickly came together and won the USL U15 Boys' Championship.

by Paul Ohanian

The Time is Now

After another stall-filled NCAA championship, women's lacrosse decided to leapfrog the men's side and add a possession clock (or shot clock, depending on your preferences), one of several revolutionary steps taking place in the game.

by Megan Schneider

MLL: Stars Aligned

Major League Lacrosse had both its New York-based franchises make the trip to Georgia for championship weekend, showing the local fans a fantastic Lizards' win in the final before they get their own franchise next summer.

by Corey McLaughlin

U19 Worlds: Shock and Awe

With her whirling-dervish stick skills and blue-collar mentality, Selena Lasota led Canada to one of the biggest upsets in lacrosse history - a 9-8 win over the mighty U.S. in the FIL U19 Women's World Championship.

by Megan Schneider

Online Coverage: The U.S. Played Canada's Game


Back to School

Get your college fall ball fix with the top storylines coming at you for the next few months leading up to the 2016 NCAA season. Follow LM's 30-in-30 all month on

Freshman 15s

For the game's top incoming freshmen, the name of the game is instant impact - given that we've been hearing about some of these players since before their sophomore year in HS, our top impact picks should fit right in at the next level.

Lifestyles: That's Mr. Tavares, to you.

One of the best NLL players in history and the league's leading scorer, John Tavares is a teacher by day. What's it like to pull up a desk in the Buffalo Bandit legends' room?

Your Edge

Rochester face-off man Mike Poppleton shares his insights from years of toiling in the middle of the field, where he practices a clamp to keep technique. Surprise Boston College Tewaaraton finalist Sarah Manelly shares the pick-and-roll game that helped her surge to the Eagles' lead and thriving under pressure is the goal for both officials and coaches this month.

Give and Go

Want to make Chesapeake Bayhawks and Team USA midfielder Dan Burns crack a smile? Put him on a boat, with a library full of Harry Potter books and a plate of buffalo tenders.

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