April 23, 2015

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Inside the May Edition of Lacrosse Magazine

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Apr 25, 2015

Inside the Edition: May 2015


From the Editor: For That Special Someone

by Matt DaSilva

In some eccentric lacrosse circles, specialization is a dirty word. Some people loathe that long-stick midfielders, short-stick d-middies and faceoff specialists have become such a significant part of the game. Guess what? I'm not one of them.

His Space: Rule's Rule

by Bill Tanton

You think it's reasonable to equate pre-NCAA era (1971) lacrosse with a 'club' sport? Believe me, that's a disservice to some of the best the game has ever seen - NCAA recognition or no.

Boyle Point: Cut the Cord

by Ryan Boyle

In case you hadn't noticed, NCAA attendance for Memorial Day weekend peaked all the way back in 2008 and has been on a downward trend ever since. Maybe some change is in order, and lacrosse might do well to take a page out of football's playbook.





For a number of years, the fans (and coaches) of Syracuse have pined for a world where the face-off wasn't such a huge part of the outcome of the game. But with the relevation of transfer Ben Williams, they're singing a different tune this spring.

by Lacrosse Magazine Staff

All Guts, No Glory?

The work that the men in the defensive half do with short sticks is often derided by the lacrosse world at large. But don't be surprised if this May sees another in the long chapter of the D-middie making a big impact in the tournament. Jack Near, Will Haus, Phil Castronova and more are primed for the big stage. 

by Corey McLaughlin and Gary Lambrecht

U.S. U-19 Team member Francesca Whitehurst (Josh Rottman)

Coming of Age

As part of US Lacrosse's "Be You" campaign, we checked in with the members of the U.S. U-19 Team - 18 of the best girls' lacrosse players in the world - for their thoughts and experiences about growing up in this increasingly complex world.

by Lacrosse Magazine Staff

The Big Four-Oh

Has it really been 40 years since the powerhouse Maryland program last won an NCAA crown? A trip down memory lane visiting the near-misses and painful finishes could give way to a May of hope for a young Terrapins squad that looks to end the streak.

by Gary Lambrecht

The Vander Kolk Perspective

The freshman goalkeeper for Virginia, Rachel Vander Kolk has no safety net of a backup since another goalie left the program. But that's nothing compared to the pressure the Severna Park (Md.) native felt playing for a state championship while mourning the recent death of her own twin sister Tracy to suicide.

by Kate Hickman


Tyler Ennis has tasted success on the court, but his background in Ontario had plenty of turf, too. (Getty Images)


A treasure trove of May delights awaits - from former LM editor Paul Krome's tailgate essentials to a guide to Philadelphia (where both the men's and women's DI championships are being held at Lincoln Financial Field and PPL Park in nearby Chester) from Rochester Rattlers attackman Jordan Wolf. Plus, we take a look at a few of the two-sport stars looking to star on the road to the women's championship.

Lifestyles: Tyler Ennis

The Milwaukee Bucks guard and former box lacrosse player in his native Canada knows the thrill and agony that come with March Madness from his days at Syracuse. He answers our questions on life in the league and his past in the box in Ontario.

Your Edge

Start the offense from behind the cage with some lessons from Boston College All-American Covie Stanwick - the latest guru of the "Stanwick Way". Or, prepare for life on "Goalie Island" with former Notre Dame All-American and Millon Lacrosse coach Scott Rodgers, who gives his tips on warming up for life in the cage. 

Give and Go

Would a girraffe make a good goalie? Long and lean, former Hopkins All-American and current Charlotte Hounds netminder sees a kindred spirit in the animal kingdom's lanky savannah-dweller.

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