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Morning Jac: Coast Guard Changing Gears March 3, 2015 Coast Guard's transition to the varsity world may not be the smoothest in terms of wins, but once the Bears get settled in they have a chance to be a player in the NEWMAC.... READ ENTIRE POST
Division II Notebook: True Team Effort for Lake Erie March 2, 2015 Lake Erie rookie head coach Steve Gartelman may have been in over his head in the fall, but thanks to a cagey senior class, Gartelman and the Storm are off to an undefeated start.... READ ENTIRE POST
Division III Notebook: Union, Wehrum Officially Belong March 2, 2015 Both the Dutchmen and Paul Wehrum have been Division III outsiders, but after beating Cortland on Saturday, they both have arrived. Plus, Gettysburg learns how to compete.... READ ENTIRE POST
Morning Jac: Saint Leo Embraces Wounded Warrior February 27, 2015 When Lance Corporal Larry Bailey entered the Saint Leo team dinner on Thursday night, the Lions' Wounded Warrior Game against LIU Post on Friday night took on a whole new importance.... READ ENTIRE POST