November 11, 2010

Video: Berger's Basement and 'The Nest'

He's back, and he's hitting up Hawaii.

"Berger on the Brink," a video blog by professional lacrosse player and US Lacrosse Men's Division associate Stephen Berger, returns with an eight-part series chronicling his trip to Hawaii for the 20th-annual Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational as a member of tournament champion Wimmer Solutions.

In Part One below, check out the Berger family collection of medals, trophies, photos and lids. Plus, a look at a typical morning for "the divisions" at US Lacrosse.


Part I: Berger's Basement; SB at USL, Early Bird at "The Nest"

Part II: LAX to HNL; In-Flight Entertainment; Smitty's First Splash
Part III: Shooters on Scooters; "Unreal;" Trick or Treat?
Part IV: Jaywalking Blue Jay; Berger's Home for the Weekend
Part V: Game Day Gathering; Wimmer Solutions: The Squad 
Part VI: Smitty's Second Splash; Wimmer Warm-Up
Part VII: Rise and Shine; Seibald Scores; Sunset Drive
Part VIII: Smitty's Last Splash; Sideline Chatter; Hawaii Final

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