May 11, 2010

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MLL Teams Release Active Rosters

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Major League Lacrosse (MLL), the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league, has announced each team’s 2010 23-Man Active and 8-Man Practice Rosters for 2010, according to MLL Commissioner David Gross.  Teams had until 2 PM ET Monday to submit their rosters to the League Office.

Teams were allowed to open training camp for the 2010 Season on April 24th with a maximum of 40 players on their Pre-Season Active Rosters (PSAR).  The Practice Squad size for each team was increased to 8 players this season to allow for more flexibility once the World Games occur in July.

MLL teams with players still participating in the National Lacrosse League (NLL) Championship Game this Friday may protect those players through Week One of the MLL season, but must pare down their rosters agin to 23 by 5 PM on Monday, May 17th.

A complete list of each team’s 2010 opening roster is included below:

Boston Cannons

Active Roster
Glenn Adams, M
Chris Ajemian, M
Mitch Belisle, D
Ryan Boyle, A
Kevin Buchanan, A
Jordan Burke, G
Matt Casey, M
Greg Downing, M
Chris Eck, M/FO
Pat Heim, M
Ryan McClay, D
Mike McDonald, A
Matt Messina, M
Chris Passavia, D
Mike Podgajny, M
Matt Poskay, M
Paul Rabil, M*
Jack Reid, D
Brad Ross, M
Matthew Smalley, M
Justin Smith, M
Mike Stone, M
Kyle Sweeney, D
Kip Turner, G

Practice Squad
Jake Beebe, A
Bruce Bickford, G
Patrick Gaffney, D
James Guay, D
Jon Hayes, M
John Ortolani, M/FO
Garrett Pedley, D

Chesapeake Bayhawks

Active Roster
Matt Abbott, M
Alex Buckley, M
John Christmas, A
Joe Cinosky, D
Andrew Combs, A
Kyle Dixon, M
Benson Erwin, M
Michael Evans, D
Chris Garrity, G
Billy Glading, M
Danny Glading, A
Kyle Hartzell, D
Ben Hunt, M
Mike Levin, G
Jordan Levine, M
Ray Megill, D
Nick O'Hara, D
Peet Poillon, M
Jed Prossner, A
PT Ricci, D
Ben Rubeor, A
Alex Smith, M/FO
Brian Vetter, M
Jeff Zywicki, A*

Practive Squad
Josh Coveleski, A
Ben DeFelice, M/FO
Jeff Reynolds, M
Jeremy Sieverts, M
Michael Simon, D
Kyle Smedley, M

Shawn Nadelen, D

Chicago Machine

Active Roster
Stephen Bauer, D
Greg Bice, D
Garrett Billings, A
Brendan Cannon, A
Brian Clayton, M
DJ Driscoll, D
Mike Gabel, G
Brett Garber, M
Kyle Guadagnolo, D
Anthony Kelly, M/FO
Terry Kimener, M
Kevin Leveille, A
Mike Leveille, A
Bill McGlone, M
Bud Petit, G
Josh Porcell, M
Casey Powell, M
Chris Rotelli, M
Doug Shanahan, M
Joe Smith, D
Matt Striebel, M
Steve Whittenberg, D
Chazz Woodson, A

Practice Squad
Tim Balise, A
Chris Collins, G
Jake Deane, D
Jason Lashomb, G
Tim McDermott, M/FO
Craig McDonald, D
Paul Richards, M
Jeff Sonke, M

Denver Outlaws

Active Roster
Matt Bocklet, D
Matt Brown, A
Brian Christopher, M
Casey Cittadino, M
Will Dalton, M/FO
Adam Fullerton, G
Dan Hardy, M
Alex Hopmann, M
Brian Langtry, M
Brendan Loftus, M
Eric Martin, D*
Sean McCarthy, D
Brendan Mundorf, A
Joey Murray, A
Rocco Romero, M
Jesse Schwartzman, G
Max Seibald, M
Brendan Skakandi, D
Kevin Unterstein, M
Ethan Vedder, D
Shane Walterhoefer, M/FO
Nate Watkins, M
Drew Westervelt, A
Lee Zink, D

Practice Squad
Ben Brown, G
Steve Giannone, M
Austin Konkel, G
Shane Koppens, A
Ryan McFadyen, D
Chris O'Dougherty, D*
Duncan Swezey, A

Tom Ethington, D
Ryan Zordani, A

Long Island Lizards

Active Roster
Drew Adams, G
Stephen Berger, M
Dan Cocchi, D
Keith Cromwell, A
Frank D'Agostino, D
Joel Dalgarno, A*
Matt Danowski, A
Chris Fiore, M
John Glynn, M/FO
Tim Goettelmann, A
Zack Greer, A
Greg Gurenlian, M/FO
Matt Madalon, G
Anthony Muscarella, M
John Orsen, M
Ricky Pages, D
Steve Panarelli, D
Stephen Peyser, M
Nicky Polanco, D
Brian Spallina, D
Mike Unterstein, M
Peter Vlahakis, M/FO
Mike Ward, M
Matt Zash, M

Practice Squad
Tommy Davis, A
Dominick DeNapoli, D
John Geagan, G
Regis McDermott, D
Blake Miller, M
Donny Moss, M
Austin Walker, M
Tom Zummo, M

IR (2-Game)
Tony McDevitt, D

Julian Watts, M

Toronto Nationals

Active Roster
Mac Allen, D
Brett Bucktooth, M
Dan Dawson, M
John Grant, A
Jordan Hall, M
Stephen Hoar, M*
Kevin Huntley, A
Isaiah Kicknosway, D
Brodie Merrill, D
Pat Merrill, D
Craig Point, M
Gavin Prout, A
Brett Queener, G
Chris Sanderson, G
Phil Sanderson, D*
Doc Schneider, G
Josh Sims, M
Billy-Dee Smith, M
Sid Smith, D
Geoff Snider, M/FO
Mark Steenhuis, M
Jon Sullivan, D
Mike Timms, D
Matt Vinc, D
Shawn Williams, A

Practice Squad
Ian Crashley, D
Mike McLellan, A
Kyle Point, D
Delby Powless, A
Brice Queener, M
Kevin Ross, A
Corey Small, A
Roger Vyse, A

Merrick Thomson, A

*Denotes players unavailable Week 1 due to NLL Championship Game

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