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April 21, 2010

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While there were many victories in the nine games played at the inaugural Maverik Fields of Growth Invitational on April 3, the true winner was the Kkindu Village in Uganda.

When all was said and done, over $5,000 was raised for a lacrosse field and school for orphans and other vulnerable children at the future site of the Fields of Growth Peace Village in Kkindu, Uganda. 

Fields of Growth is a non-profit organization that aims to use the game of lacrosse (and other sports like soccer) as a relational platform to enable human and community development in rural Uganda. Founded by former Scranton head lacrosse coach and current Notre Dame director of lacrosse operations Kevin Dugan, Fields of Growth is working to support a community based Peace Village project that will empower Ugandan locals to enact holistic and sustainable community development.

While these are lofty goals, the Fields of Growth Invitational was one small successful step towards realizing the vision of Fields of Growth. The Fields of Growth Invitational, which pitted some top teams in the New Jersey area against each other, provided teams with valuable preseason experience while also raising money for a great cause.

“The guys are very enthusiastic about the scrimmages on Saturday, and the players have also really taken to raising money for the cause,” said Bronxville head coach Tim Horgan. “The day provides the players with an opportunity to become global ambassadors through lacrosse and they have enthusiastically embraced the responsibility.”

The tournament was held at St. Joseph’s High School in Metuchen, N.J., and featured six teams (Bronxville, Montclair, St. Peter’s Prep, St. Joe’s, Columbia and CBA) that each played three scrimmages throughout the course of the day. 

“Preseason scrimmage days have been a part of high school lacrosse in the Northeast for many years,” said St. Joe’s head coach Marc Moreau. “For all of us involved, lacrosse is our passion and we are excited to be able to host this event.”

The teams that participated each raised $1,500 in t-shirt sales as their price of admission and even more will hopefully be raised through the increased awareness that the event generated.

“Service for others is a major theme here at St. Joe’s,” said Moreau, “Our players participate in many community service projects throughout their four years here but this is a unique experience where they are helping others while participating in their passion.”

The coaches involved all noted how the Fields of Growth Invitational was very rewarding from both a lacrosse and humanitarian standpoint.

While the coaches and players were all excited with the success of the event, no one was more pleased than the man who put it all together.

“I’m really grateful to everyone that participated in this event,” said Dugan, “I’d specifically like to thank Marc Moreau [St. Joe’s Metuchen & Leading Edge Lacrosse], who organized everything, St. Joe’s Metuchen HS for hosting the event and to Maverik lacrosse for sponsoring the event.”

With the combined efforts of Fields of Growth and the lacrosse community the organization looks to do even more in years to come.

“We are really excited to continue our plans for the Fields of Growth Peace Village in collaboration with Ugandan locals in Kkindu,” said an optimistic Dugan. “Our goal for the Peace Village is to develop a sight where we can enact real, sustainable community development with disadvantaged children from many different tribes and various faiths living together, studying together, playing together and learning from each other.”  The organization is also in the process of developing a service learning program that would enable student-athletes to visit the village, learn, serve and coach lacrosse.

To find out how you can contribute contact info@fieldsofgrowthintl.org or visit Fields of Growth at www.fieldsofgrowthintl.org to learn more. 

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