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Is Lyle Thompson the New King of Lacrosse? July 12, 2014 When he's not dropping one-handed runners like candy from a piñata, Iroquois star Lyle Thompson is fending off throngs of kids in Denver. It begs the question: Who is the sport's most popular player?... READ ENTIRE POST
Dispatches from Denver: Weather-Delay Reporting July 11, 2014 A light practice for Team USA and a chance to meet the Uganda lacrosse team were among the happening at a weather-delayed Day 2 of the FIL World Championship.... READ ENTIRE POST
Dispatches from Denver: World Championship Linkage July 9, 2014 The Lacrosse Magazine staff is out in full force at the FIL World Championship in Denver, where mainstream media also has descended to cover the biggest event in international lacrosse history.... READ ENTIRE POST
"Road to Rockies" With Team USA Continues June 29, 2014 The "Road to the Rockies" video series with Team USA - produced by The Lacrosse Network - returns with new episodes this week, beginning with Ned Crotty's thoughts on his 2010 gold medal experiences with the squad.... READ ENTIRE POST