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posted 10.26.2011 at 3.20 p.m. by Corey McLaughlin

From Russia, With Lacrosse Love

The October issue of Lacrosse Magazine features a story titled "The Olympic Dream," which talks about how the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) now has 43 member nations on six continents. Russia is one of those countries, where for the last two years exhibition games have been played between clubs from Moscow and St. Petersburg, the country's two main cities.

David Diamonon, an expatriate from Texas, founded the Moscow Lacrosse Club in 2007 after moving to Russia to work for Chicago-based Amsted Rail. RT, an English-language Russian news channel, recently caught up with him and others during a recent game in Moscow.

(Aside from the fact that there is footage of people playing lacrosse in Russia, my favorite part of this is the newscaster saying "Great goal," at the end of the story.)

There is another TV story on Russia lacrosse here, this from a Russian-speaking channel. (Skip ahead to 1:57.) Unless you're fluent you won't understand it, but there is some cool video. If you're not fluent, it's entertaining anyway.

The Moscow club has played pick-up games through sub-zero temperatures of the Russian winter and in the heat of the summer, Diamonon has told me in the past, adding that teaching the fundamentals of the game is a large goal.

Moscow has played St. Petersburg twice in the last year, in November 2010 and May of this year. Each side has one win with St. Petersburg coming out on top, 16-13, in the May game. A few former American college club players have participated and Diamonon reported that citizens of Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and Japan played in most recent meeting.