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Morning Jac: Ten Intriguing February D-II Contests February 4, 2014 Although there aren't a ton of ranked matchups early on, there are plenty of compelling men's Division II games in the month of February. Here's a look at 10 that will help shape where this division ends up.... READ ENTIRE POST
UnCensered Returns: Since We Last Met... February 28, 2013 Lacrosse Magazine contributor Joel Censer returns with his weekly column, and a look at offseason and early-season storylines.... READ ENTIRE POST
Princeton, Schreiber Impress at Play for Parkinson's October 7, 2012 Joel Censer breaks down Saturday's Play for Parkinson's event with reports on up-tempo Princeton, new-look Virginia and Georgetown, and more.... READ ENTIRE POST
Coyne v. Censer: Starting with a Must-Win Game February 16, 2012 Stevenson and Haverford must have Saturday's game. That's Jac Coyne's thesis, however Joel Censer dismisses the drama.... READ ENTIRE POST
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